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Bec U16's into the Final!!!

Becsters!!! The day of the immense 65th celebrations may be doneā€¦ but the dose of korfball action for this season is not over just yet! Yesterday our t... more

Under 19 World Cup

Bec Internationals Blake Palfreyman, Clare Dique, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Amy Swain & Jo-Anne Wilson & Davesh Patel (Under 19 Assistant Coach)head out to Leeu... more

So close yet so far...

It was our final game and maybe final games; together we knew it would get emotional, and we had to beat the KV A team (which looked surprising similar to the... more

'Scott the young handsome person'

As the two teams started battle for the winning place, a young but very handsome boy called Scott scored a terrific goal putting Bec in first place... more

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