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North to strong for South!

North to strong for South!

After a bad start to the season we were hoping to replicate our win from last week; our appointmentsthis week were Highbury 2. We were missing Sean and Emma who were away traveling and Kit who unfortunately wasinjured. Highbury also had players missing and had two 1st team players making up their sq... more

    Revenge is sweet

    It seems I’ve been nominated to write the match report, and of course I have no idea what to write, my first thought was to write in Portuguese and this way no on... more

      Bec Youth WIN!

      On a very wet Sunday afternoon the full Bennett Bus set off for Tooting, arriving in time to see the end of Bec 5’s winning game. There was a pre-match team talk ... more


        Where were you at 12:15pm on Sunday 23rd November 2014….that’s what people will ask in the future. Everyone knows where they were on su... more

          Weekend Matches – Sun 23rd Nov

          Hey All Friday time, and therefore spiel time. Some of this may not be that coherent as I have just finished my nights this week and so my English... more

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