Bec 1&2

Bec 1 play in the England Korfball League (EKL) which is the top league in England. Bec 1 have finished in the top 4 for the last 5 seasons, ending up as runners up in the last 3. Boasting 10 Internationals across the first team, four of whom have progressed through the youth system there is a good blend of youth and experience to go one better and be able to maintain this in years to come!

Head coach

John Denton

Assistant Coach

Amie Swain

Bec 2 play in the top London Regional League and have finished in the top half of the table for the past 7 years, winning in the 13/14 campaign! Training as a squad with Bec 1 there will be competition aplenty. Much like the first team, there is a good blend of youth and experience which should hold Bec in good stead for going forward!


Females - 

Caitlin Fitzgerald, Camille Koosyial, Chloe Swain, Danielle Gouldson, Eleanor Eysselinck, Emma Denton, Heather Ikwuemesi, Jessica Bennett, Jo Anne Wilson, Kenzie Baldock, Megan Ashby, Rachel Turner.

Males - 

Billy Ashby, Blake Palfreyman, Craig Bathrope, Davesh Patel, Flynn Picot, Joe Bedford, Josh Lloyd, Jon Lyons, Kieron Hicks, Marcus Tighe, Mark Swain, Stu Ironmonger, Ollie Woodham, Stu Ironmonger. 

Bec 3

Head coach

Chloe Swain

Bec 3 play in the London Local League 2. Although it is a highly competitive team and is a great opportunity to progress and develop your Korfball, they are a friendly sociable bunch. Bec 3 train with Bec 4.

Assistant Coach

Stuart Ironmonger



Annie Rheason, Anshul Mahra, Christelle King, Emily Hawkins, Jess Smallman, Maya Kolaska.



Dan Brooks, Jack McNamara, Joe Bennett, Kieran Tang, Nate Stumpff, Ravee Long   

Bec 4

Head coach

Bec 4 also play in the 2nd tier of the Local London League alongside Bec 3. This provides a great opportunity to develop your game further from the introductory league of London League 3. A nice blend of competitiveness but maintaining the strong sociable element. Bec 4 train alongside Bec 3 and Bec 5.

Chloe Swain

Stu Ironmonger

Assistant Coach



Becca Clapp, Jennie Swain, Jess Heap, Laura Hamer, Nina, Thea.


Bradley Rees, Charlie, Josh Brown, Lennie,  Luke Barrett, Nathan Greenwood, Paul Welch.

Bec 5

Bec 5 play in the London Local League 3. This is Bec's fun/recreational team and although they play every game to win, this is where new people to korfball will get the opportunity to experience playing this fantastic sport alongside experienced Bec players as well as Korf veterans. 

coach & Manager

John Wilson