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Bec's World Record Evening

Last Friday, Bec held its World Records and Games evening, with seniors and juniors competing to decide once and for all who is the best Becstar...

The evening started with Helen showing her superiority unraveling a toilet roll (however it was still not quite World Record pace)! Ben concentrated more swapping the balls than he ever has in a Korfball match, but Reeve remains the champ. With unexpected flexibility from James picking up a pound coin without using his hands (I mean, still not John Wilson flexibility, but a good attempt), and Harrison shooting the ping pong ball in one shot, the games were off to a cracking start.

Kieron didn’t quite get the idea of wrapping the cellotape around the stick and ended up hand attached to stick, and Kim ended up with tape around her waist (not quite sure what was going on here)! Thea parked the car fastest and Chloe ended up writing the car off. After that, rage cage and beer pong started and memories are now a tad hazy...

With one missing billiards ball, chants of “j20” and “one more game”, it would seem the evening was a success for the club and all that came. Thank you to all and see you at Becmas!

More photos can be found on our flickr:

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