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The best you've ever seen...?

There was no lie in for Bec 2 on Sunday! Whilst most of us were still in bed, Bec 2 took on Bromley 1 in the LRL. A missing shot clock and 9:15am start time didn’t deter the team’s determination.

First attack was Cassie, Vicky, Billy and Mark, with first defence Chloe, Jess, Jon and Craig.

Bec 2 came out strong with a goal in the first attack from Vicky. Bromley equalised but Bec 2 were quickly back with a response. Bec 2 quickly got into their stride, starting the game strongly. Cassie and Vicky worked tirelessly in attack, with Mark working the post and Billy taking his shots. Bec also remained solid in defence as Bromley struggled to create chances and retain the ball. Chloe and Jess combined well as the goals continued to come. The game was a perfect opportunity for new sections to gel and continue to build on past performances. A couple of subs saw Camille and Stu come into the game. A strong end to the first half came from a mid-distance shot from Cassie.

Bec were flying in the second half with Camille creating opportunities on the inside and Jess finished her chances at the post. Craig was solid from the penalty spot and Cassie kept up some high pressure defence on a pacey Bromley youngster. Vicky doubled her goal tally and Billy added a couple more long shots. It was great to see goals coming from everyone. A goal from Camille and Jess brought the final score to 19-8. Bec 2 should be pleased with their performance both in attack and defence and will look to keep pushing as they take on a tricky Highbury 1 side next week.

After the game Caitlin made her refereeing debut and she is absolutely the best ref England Korfball has ever seen. Watch this space...

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