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An end to the season

The 2022/23 season came to an end for our 2nd/3rd and 4th team last weekend. All teams have played some fantastic korfball and scored some brilliant goals. It has been great to see a real combination of newbies, experienced and longlasting Bec players play across our 3 teams.

Bec 2:

  • Scoring a total of 224 goals!

  • Thank you to second team coach Tom Woolmer

Bec 3:

A brilliant team filled with mostly new players to Bec this year who gave it their all.

  • Scoring a total of 176 goals!

  • Thank you to third team coaches James Sawyers and @Joe Bennett

Bec 4

BEC 4!

A brilliant team with a combination of some of our former Bec Juniors, more experienced players and complete newbies. Well done to everyone who has played for Bec 4 this year.

  • Scoring a total of 94 goals!

  • Thank you to forth team coaches James Sawyers and Joe Bennnett

Our first team will fight against Trojans Korfball Club in the England Korfball League Final on the 14th May 2023.


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