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Bec 2 edge ever closer to LRL Title...

Whilst most of the club were enjoying a Sunday lie in, Bec 2 were down at Ernst Bevin for a 9:30am start. The opposition this week was Supernova 2. Bec 2 started well in attack and created many chances but were lacking clinical finishing at times. However some solid defence kept Supernova at bay and Bec were some 2-0 up thanks to goals from Amy. In attack both divisions continued to work well, creating chances and winning penalties but the ball just would not drop at times. Chloe stepped up and delivered a couple of goals, followed by a classic downtown banger from Billy. Amy and Beth continued to combine well to create chances and Jack breezed past his player several times. The team looked comfortable in the lead whilst Supernova struggled to create chances. Half time score 7-2 The second half continued much like the first with Bec generating chances but this time they were beginning to drop. Caitlin and Craig chipped in with a couple of goals whilst Stu was formidable in collect. James entered the game and worked well, creating chances for himself and the girls. Billy generated another crowd pleaser from the half way line and victory was certainly secured for Bec 2. Impressive defence kept Supernova down to just 5 goals and after a slow start Bec ended the game with a respectable 17. Not the goal tally the team wanted but the squad still played some great Korfball at times. A well deserved victory sees Bec 2 edge ever closer to the LRL title...


Craig Bathrope (1)

Billy Ashby (3)

Jack Falkner (2)

Stu Ironmonger (1)

Chloe Swain (2)

Amie Swain (4)

Caitilin Fitzgerald (1)

Beth Penhaligon (2)

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