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BecBees: Buzzing Start

Our BecBees recorded their first points of the new season with our U11 team kicking off the season with 4 matches in the first round of the London Mini Games.

First up were Bromley – the team had been primed by Coach Chloe and the players were keen to start off well and build upon the experience gained through last season’s matches. The BecBees were moving the ball from defence to offence with real clarity and precision but the shots found themselves just missing the mark. However, due to some resolute defence the spoils were shared as the game ended 0-0; a classic example of the score line not matching the level of play (from both teams). One thing was clear however, the BecBees had made great strides over the Summer with the on looking parents commenting on how improved the level of play was.

With no time to catch their breath the next game was up against a strong Hayes Blue team. A special moment for Aadam who was making his first appearance for the club! Whilst the movement from the previous game was still there, the pressure by Hayes Blue resulted in our passes not quite finding our players. Hayes Blue capitalised on this and with some good interceptions they were able to counter quickly and convert shots to goals. A 0-3 loss but further invaluable experience for our players.

One game break and time for Coach Chloe to go through and reinforce a few pointers, notably taking an extra split-second on their shots and maintaining correct technique!

Next up were Hayes Red – the game didn’t start off in the manner we had hoped as Hayes Red scored early to take a slender 1 goal lead. Undeterred however the BecBees showed that they had the capacity to listen and learn quickly with shots no longer being snatched at, resulting in BecBee’s Thea scoring 2 back to back goals to take us into the lead! Great defensive pressure applied by our BecBees showed as they were able to break up Hayes Red’s play and move the ball up the court. The continuous swarm of attacks were rewarded as BecBee Harrison converted a well created chance. Not prepared to take their foot off the pedal, the defensive break up and flow into attack continued with shots aplenty and after collecting the ball from under the basket, a quick release shot from Aadam earned him his first Bec goal! A great all round team performance with a fantastic 4-1 win!!!

The final game found us up against an all-male Hayes Black team. Hayes Black moved the ball around well and scored 2 good distance goals early on. Being 2 goals behind and chasing the game it would have been easy to play the “let’s lob the ball down from defence to attack” but that’s not what the BecBees are about! Instead, the short sharp passes that had been the mantra of the day continued and with our defensive pressure notched back up we were able to better control the game. Whilst the chances were few and far between, they were well created with a patient build up. One such attack found BecBee Felix free at the back of the post who coolly converted. Time ran out for an equaliser as the game ended in a 1-2 loss.

Though our most experienced BecBee Josh didn’t get on the scoresheet, his experience showed as he was able to be the playmaker creating chances for his fellow team members. Considering that 4 out of the 5 players have been playing for just 10 months, with one making his debut, it was a fantastic first outing of the new season from the BecBees. And whilst it was great to get points on the board, the bigger win was seeing how much the team have developed their game over the Summer and made such great strides since the last London Mini Games at the back end of last season.

The future looks bright… the future looks yellow… :)

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