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3rd's just miss out again!

The only fixture for this Sunday was Croydon 3 vs Bec 3 and after last week’s 1 goal loss against the same opposition we knew we were in for a close encounter.

With Mark running late, Bec 3 started with only 7 players, so Irfan took on the difficulty of two boys for the first 10 minutes but even still he managed to get the first goal of the game. The game continued for Bec with the girls taking lots of chances from the outside giving both Anshul and Annie goals as well. With Mark finally joining the team, and almost scoring his first shot of the game, Irfan thought he would again show the boys how to score again. The first half ended 3-4 in our favour.

The second half continued with much of the same, with both teams creating lots of chances, but Croydon took the first goal. With strong defence from Dan, the Croydon boys struggled to put shots away and excellent interceptions from Irfan, Bec were able to maintain possession. The possession paid off as Kim got herself a lovely goal and Annie got in on the action again to add another to the score sheet, bringing Bec into the lead by 2. However, Croydon very quickly answered to these two goals with two goals from their boys, making the score line level.

Now into the last few minutes of the game, Coach Amie decided to call a timeout and tell the team to calm the game down, keep the ball and take the correct shots. With Paul taking the rebound and the two girls and Dan working hard Dan was able to create space and scored a much needed long shot. After last week’s match, Bec 3 knew the importance of marking the boys tight to stop them from shooting but unfortunately Croydon replied with another two goals, meaning Bec narrowly missed out on taking the points again.

Bec 3 can definitely take some positives from this game, but know that they need to add playing with more control and discipline to make the most of the talent within the squad. Being back to training before their next game against Highbury 3 they know that they have the opportunity to up the sharpness and get back to picking up points!

Final Score 9-8

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