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Bec 2 kick of the 2018/19 season with a win!

Bec 2’s mighty title defence began in the not so mighty venue of Epsom college early on a Sunday morning. The team were in high spirits though with Stu (c), Jon, Chloe and Camille starting in attack, and Billy, Craig, Cassie and Caitlin making up the defence.

The start for Bec was slightly fatigued, with Nomads taking an early 6 goal lead. It was clear perhaps some of the summer cobwebs were still around as the shooting was not quite as clinical as usual. Some early goals from Chloe set the Bec goal train rolling.

Bec began to settle into the game as new divisions gelled together. John Denton came on and more chances were created for the team in both sections. The goals began ticking over as Bec brought themselves back into the game. Down one end Cassie and Caitlin worked well to create their chances whilst Billy and Craig sank their opportunities from distance. Stu proved solid at the post with Camille, Chloe and John working together on the outside to generate some free flowing Korfball. After a slow start, Bec went into half time 2 goals ahead.

Half time saw Vicky come on for Camille. Nomads got the first goal of the second half but Bec were quick to respond with a long shot from John. Bec also began to step it up in defence with several defended calls won by Cassie and immense work from Stu at the post limited Nomads to many one shot attacks. Billy continued to apply intense pressure to his player with Craig picking up any loose balls at the post. Back in attack Chloe continued to nail her mid-distance shots with Vicky stepping up to sink a penalty. For the first time in her life Caitlin ‘Kobe’ Fitzgerald scored a goal under the post whilst Cassie continued to generate numerous opportunities for herself and others. Nice goals from Jon and Billy saw out the game. One final moment of glory came in the form of a blam from the 4’11 Chloe Swain.

Overall a slow start from Bec turned into a good performance with 21 goals on the score board. It was a promising start to season with solid debuts from Camille, Cassie, Vicky and Jon. This new-look Bec 2 team will only improve from here!


Stu (1)

Jon (2)

Chloe (3)

Billy (2)

Craig (3)

Caitlin (4)

Vicky (2)

John (4)

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