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A game of two halves!

Korfball is a wonderful sport. It provides a whole host of benefits to all those involved, from a fun form of fitness, to friendship and fraternity. But sometimes this comes at a cost... like having to play at 9am on a Sunday. Disappointingly this early start got in the way of some members of the Bec 3 squad arriving on time to setup the pitch and warmup properly together, and this was evident from what was clearly a game of two halves.

Whilst defensively dominant throughout Bec 3 got off to a very slow start in attack, mainly due to Jack Mac putting on a masterclass of how to miss every type of shot in korfball. However, the impenetrable defence of Joe, Dan, Kim and Annie bought Anshul, Jess and Luke enough time to break the deadlock

, and at the change of ends controlled, decisive attacking extended Bec to an early lead. The mighty gold always had control, but an inability to convert chances meant the teams headed into half-time only a goal apart at 4-3.

In the second half Bec finally started to develop their rhythm, and a focus on playing through the sharpshooting girls paid off. Annie terrorised her player at will dropping in 4 goals (last game's lie in did wonders) and super sub Megan combined well with Jess to bring the fire. Excellent defence from Luke against Mitcham's most experienced player helped to continue to contain their efforts and in the end Bec saw the game out for a comfortable 14-8 victory.

A big thank you to Paul for reffing, and a lesson learned (reinforced by coach Amie) about the importance of proper pre-match prep to get off to a strong start. Next up Croydon 2 on Sunday... afternoon.

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