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Bec's Bristol Bonanza

Bec 1 made the journey down to Bristol for the first game of 2019. The journey was far from straight forward with Heather and Kenzie suffering a broken down car. The starting team was Kieron, Billy, Cassie and Caitlin with Dav, Blake, Amy and Jo-Anne in defence.

The game started ok for Bec with new sections starting to gel. Kieron and Caitlin opened the scoring with Blake and Jo-Anne quickly doubling Bec’s lead. Cassie slotted in well to the team, generating opportunities for herself and others. A strong team defence performance saw the first half end with Bristol scoring just 2 goals.

Bec’s attack improved in the second half with Joe and Billy nailing some long shots. Perhaps the defence slowed a bit as Bristol began to increase their own goal gally. Dav worked well at the post, combining with Blake to score some nice goals. Amy was also able to nail some long shots of her own. A brief cameo from Heather and Kenzie resulted in a late goal flurry as Bec saw out the game with a convincing win. Overall a solid performance from the team after a less than perfect journey. Shout out to Cassie for stepping up on her national league debut and to Joe for top scoring with 5 goals! The team will look to improve both offensively and defensively as the build up to the Europa Shield continues.

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