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Bec 3 take the win

On Sunday 12th at 10:00 the mighty Bec 3 rallied their troops to battle Supernova 3, who we’d previously scraped a frustrating 8-8 draw with 2 weeks prior. Special thanks go to Jon Lyons, Jack McNamara and James Lydall for stepping in when we were short of boys and Mark Swain for playing despite recent injury. With the “enthusiastic” whistle blowing from the ref throughout meant it proved difficult to produce prolonged periods of play, which both sides suffered from. Special moments came from Michelle, who dominated the Korf scoring 3 of the 8 goals, John Lyons for his ambitious long shots and myself for not giving away any free passes for the first time ever…lol jk I gave away 4.

Despite taking the lead early on in the first half, Supernova did not give us an easy ride- they were constantly piling on the pressure and were intercepting left, right and centre, but alas, to no avail. With Mark leading the charge down one end and an absolute worldie from Dan (who definitely didn’t ask me to put that in…) at the other, meant that at the end of the first half we were leading Supernova 4-3.

The second half was where Bec really came into their own. Jess came on for Annie, Jon replaced Mark and Bec 3 were on a mission to have the match done and dusted. With Jack McNamara controlling the collect down one end and James smashing in the pens down the other (whether they were pens or not is another question, but we’ll take it) meant Bec slowly broke away from Supernovas grasp as we charged to victory leading by 8-4.

A big well done to Bec 3 and a big thank you to Amie Swain for the sensational coaching on the sideline. Thank you Supernova- you were great opponents and we look forward to meeting again next year!


Mark Swain (1)

Dan Brooks (1)

James Lydall (2)

Michelle Jhungroo (3)

Anshul Mahra (1)

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