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Bec Yellow Sunday

This weekend saw all of our teams play at Whitgift School, with Bec 1 up against KV, Bec 2 facing Highbury 1, Bec 5 taking on Croydon 5 and even a Bec 3 vs Bec 4 clash! Below is a short report on each team...

Bec 1 looked to assert their dominance in the National League with a win over KV. The game got off to a slow start and was interrupted with injuries throughout, however, Bec 1 to establish their rhythm and generate some impressive goals. Victory for Bec was never in doubt as the team were clinical in their finishing and managed to shut down the opposition’s attack with some solid defence. Coaches John and Graham utilised the whole squad with Chloe and Jess making an appearance! The strength and depth of the squad was impressive and the team will continue to improve in the build up to the Europa Shield.

Final Score - 25-6

Bec 1 Goals

Davesh Patel (2)

Kieron Hicks (3)

Joe Bedford (4)

Ben King (1)

Blake Palfreyman (4)

Andy Hall (4)

Amie Swain (2)

Helen West (1)

Ho Yei Knauss (2)

Ana Rocha (2)

Bec 2 had a tough game this week against a strong Highbury side that are unbeaten in their promo league. The game got off to a nervy start with both teams trading goals and taking their chances. Bec 2 went into half time with a narrow 9-8 lead. The second half was a different story with Bec establishing their dominance. The Bec girls showed they are amongst the best in the league with a solid goal scoring performance. The boys worked hard, allowing their divisions to generate plenty of goal scoring opportunities. The team remain is a strong position to challenge for their league title

Final Score 19-11

Bec 2 Goals

Billy Ashby (2)

Ben King (4)

Jack Falkner (2)

Blake Palfreyman (1)

Amie Swain (5)

Beth Penhaligon (1)

Jess Bennett (4)

Bec 3 coach Ben King had this to say about the game: “It’s always tough to play against a team from your own club and we never quite found our rhythm. However, we did manage to create a lot of opportunities and I have no doubt that in future matches will convert more into goals. Overall, it was just great to see so many players donning the golden shirts of Bec on this Yellow Sunday!”

Final Score - 11-7

Bec 3 Goals

Craig Barthrope (1)

Alan Piper (3)

Paul Welsh (1)

Dan Brooks (1)

Anne Rheason (3)

Jess Smallman (2)

Bec 4 coach Amie Swain said this - With new players in the team and some old faces returning to play, Bec 4 did an absolute cracking job against Bec 3. The team defence is really progressing- it’s just time to start putting the ball in the basket and scoring some goals!

Final Score - 11-7

Bec 4 Goals

John Lyons (4)

Tiago Almedia (3)

The mighty Bec 5 remain unbeaten! The team of experienced players and newbies combined wonderfully again to come away with another victory! The score was close but Bec remained calm and composed throughout with goals coming from everyone. Overall the game was exciting to watch but a flurry of late goals secured the victory for Bec.

Final Score - 15-10

Bec 5 Goals

John Wilson (3)

Faz Janova (1)

Karen Sparrow (3)

Anshul Mahra (2)

Jessica Malone (4)

Gabriella Baird (2)


A Bec Yellow Sunday wouldn't be complete without getting our BecBee's involved, so midway during the day our juniors came down to support and play with our seniors. The hour started with mono-korf games with a mix of both juniors and seniors where our youngsters were able to show all the things they have learnt, including a 'no-look' pass from Charlie. The whole club then got involved in a game of terminator with Lola finishing in the top 3. More games were played with great goals from Josh, with one almost being a running in shot. To finish the hour we played a junior favourite of naughts and crosses. where Felix showed the seniors how to play. Overall, both the juniors and seniors enjoyed it and we look forward to continuing to integrate both our juniors and seniors.

More pictures from the weekend can be found on our flickr using the link below:

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