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Bec 5 go eight points clear and looking strong

Bec 5 faced one of their toughest challenges yet against a strong Croydon side that had a mix of experienced and youthful players. The game was poised to be a thriller....

Bec started well but so did Croydon as neither team wanted to lose. Both teams battled it out for the full 60 minutes and goals were traded evenly. The visitors Bec displayed some impressive Korf at times and showed why they were unbeaten so far this season. Free flowing Korfball from Bec kept them ahead but Croydon managed to stay with them into the second half.

The second half saw the game come down to the wire but Bec 5 legends John Wilson and Faz were too strong, scoring 2 and 4 goals each. Amy and Anshul were also crucial, contributing a goal each to the tally. Solid defence across the board kept the Croydon team down to just 7 goals, meaning Bec 5 emerged victorious again!

Final score 7-8


John Wilson (2)

Amie Swain (1)

Anshul Mahra (1)

Faz Janova (4)

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