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Bec 1's 5th straight victory

All aboard the snow plough for Bec 1's first away game for a month at last year's 4th placed Kingfisher. With a couple of transfers between the sides over the summer, all eyes were on a potentially shirty encounter in the Aylesford DustBowl.

Starting attack - Heather, Kenzie, Dav & Blake Starting Defence - Ana, Amie, Joe & Kieron

Bec began the game in stellar shape, cantering into a 6 goal lead thanks to some slick Dav/Blake interplay. Kingfisher slowly grew into the game, clawing their way back to only a 3 korf deficit. Ana's aggressive inside play took precedence with a couple of superbly taken goals and Amie silencing her critics displaying some downtown dingers.

It remained a tense tie shortly after HT until Kenzie & Hev's towering presence saw the Yellow regain their healthy 6 goal advantage. Kingfisher were not to be denied however, capitalising on some wasteful finishing and squeezing the gap to a skinny 3.

Korfs were traded for the remainder of the affair with Joe's famous leaning shot bearing fruit. The latter stages were not without scandal however, with a display of petulance and time-wasting by Kieron awarded with the side's first yellow of the season. Disappointing conduct. Well done to Chloe for a lively, energetic cameo.

A physical affair which may well have been greater in score line but nevertheless culminated in a 5th straight victory. March on.

Final Score: 21-17


Dav- 6 Blake- 3 Joe- 4 Heather- 1 Amy- 1 Kieron- 2 Kenzie- 1 Ana- 3

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