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A tough but enjoyable game!

Bec 3 vs Highbury 3

The thirds arrived early on Sunday for the usual cleaning/maintenance of Ernest Bevin before the arrival of Highbury.

A difficult reverse game had Bec knowing they’d face a tough challenge. After a conversation and debate, we tried to keep divisions as similar as previously and off we went.

The details evade me, but I remember we shot well out the gates into a 4-1 lead. However Highbury had other ideas and kept pegging away. Half time came with the score at 6-4.

The second half saw Highbury start the better with accurate shooting and tight defence. The thirds never gave up, but the goals started to dry up and Highbury snuck into a lead. The last few minutes saw Highbury extend their lead as we took chances to win the ball back for the attack.

All in all a tough, but enjoyable game. The thirds will be looking to finish off the season strongly with their final two games.

Goals- Mark 3 Annie 2 Stu 1 Michelle 2 Billy 1

Thanks to Craig for giving up his time to reff.

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