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Bec 1 come back with a BANG💥

Bec 1 made the trip to Birmingham on Sunday with the aim to put in a soldi performance and push on from the previous week’s defeat. A mix up of sections saw Blake, Dav, Amy and Jo-Anne start in attack, with Joe, Kieron, Heather and Caitlin in defence.

Bec came out firing with some big league bangers (to use the technical term). Some solid post work from Joanne created long attacks with Blake and Amy sinking their long shots. Dav breezed last his player to generate multiple opportunities, either for himself or to dish off to Blake for a free shot. When on the outside, Joanne shimmied past her player to score an unorthodox long shot. Soon after, Blake scored a contender for goal of the season with a smooth turn-in-the-air fade away Kobe style drop off (Caitlin must have taught him that). In the other section Kieron nailed a long shot early on whilst Joe continued to be dangerous on the outside and going forward. Slick rotation of the post down this end generated opportunities for everyone as Heather scored a runner. Billy entered this section and landed a long shot from his favoured back corner. Bec didn’t hold off on the intensity as Caitlin nailed a long shot just before half time.

The second half attacking power didn’t let up for Bec. Chloe came into the game, scoring a runner and a mid distance shot. Heather and Joe won numerous penalties which Kieron concerted, whilst Caitlin landed a couple more long shots. The Palfreyman goal machine kept whirring and Amy added a couple more to her tally. Dav also landed a flashy runner to add to the goal tally. What really stood out about this half was the defensive pressure the team continued to apply, culminating in only one goal scored by Birmingham in this half (a penalty). Overall it was an impressive game all around for Bec. All the team scored, with Blake managing to bag 10. It was a true team effort as Birmingham scored just 2 goals from open play. Well done team!

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