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Shocking Scenes!

Bec 1 headed down to Kent to take on Kingfisher, who are notoriously a tricky opponent for us. After getting over the initial shock of having a decent sports hall to play in, Bec set out with Dav, Blake, Amy and Joanne im attack and Joe, Kieron, Heather and Caitlin in defence

The game began tentatively for Bec, with both teams trading goal for goal. Bec continued to generate chances that wouldn’t drop whilst Kingfisher shot well on the outside to keep up with the Bec goal tally. Solis post work from Joanne allowed Blake, Dav and Amy to combine on the outside and play some beautiful free flowing Korf. Blake breezed paar his player whilst Dav sank many shots on the outside. A huge shock occurred down the other when Caitlin missed a runner. This never before seen event didn’t put off the team as goals from Joe and Kieron ensured the goal tally kept climbing. Half time saw the score as 11-9 in favour of Bec

Bec were determined to push on in the second half and finish those well worked chances. Joe nailed a long shot and Caitlin added a couple more to her tally (still no runners) whilst Dav and Blake kept up the attacking pressure. Joanne got herself on the scoresheet whilst Heather won a penalty following the infamous Postman set play. The goals for Bec kept coming and Caitlin shocked the crowd with another missed runner. Billy and Chloe came into the game and made an immediate impression. Billy nailed 3 goals from 3 shots and Chloe showed Caitlin how to score runners. Heather got a couple of goals to see Bec over the line for a total of 31 goals

Overall, a solid attacking performance from Bec but with points to improve on over the next 2 weeks.

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