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Our squad have been training hard and are ready for the last 4 games of the season. With the best defensive record this season and hitting 30 goals or over in the last two games our performance is on the rise ready to reach our peak at play offs.

Bec Head Coach John Denton said “We can’t wait to head back to the box that rocks for playoffs again this season. Last year England Korfball put together a great weekend, we provided some excellent korfball to match such an iconic venue. This season we have been working harder than ever, as a result our gameplay and control has improved immensely. Bec is notorious for being a physical powerhouse with a squad full of some of the most talented players in the country. We won gold at the Europa Shield, playing some of our best korfball against tough opponents. The feeling in the squad is great and we can’t wait for the challenge ahead.”

Make sure you get your tickets for the Legal & General Finals! Invite your friends and family! This is the perfect opportunity to show what Korfball is and watch the best England teams in action.

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