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Bec emerge victorious in Trojans thriller

The stage was set for a thrilling match- a determined Bec team backed by new coaches John and Graham were to take on 10 time champions Trojans in their opening game of the season. Bec hadn’t beaten Trojans since the 2015/16 season so were determined to get a result. Starting for Bec were Joe (c), Kieron, Heather and Kenzie in attack with Blake, Andy, Amy and Jo-Anne in defence.

The game started well for Trojans as Tony Woodvine sank 2 goals in 2 attacks. Bec were quick to respond though with a missed penalty rebounded by Jo-Anne who calmly put away a near shot. The game really started to get going with goals rapidly exchanged between the 2 sides. Captain Joe was clinical from distance, Kieron was immense in the rebound with Heather and Kenzie shutting down their girls in defence.

Blake’s section was working well too. Jo-Anne was working tirelessly with some big league attacking and defending. Amy chipped in with 2 important goals (one from near the halfway line) and the boys combined effortlessly to keep the goals coming.

The impressive Bec display had not yet dampened Trojans spirit. The home side continued to match Bec, giving a half time score of 11-10 in Trojans’ favour. Coach Denton made 4 changes at half time, bringing on Ben, Dav, Sara and Ho Yei. The team knew they needed to be more disciplined in defence and maintain their clinic shooting in the second half.

Bec were slow to get going into the second half and at one point went 4 goals down. The team in yellow never gave up the fight though and some clever interplay between Blake and Dav resulted in some really important goals to bring the scores back level. A well won penalty by Heather put Bec back into the lead and the team really found their stride again. Masses of support from the bench made it feel like Bec were the home side. This spurred the players on and Sara Rocha scored a crucial goal in her National League debut for Bec. Another goal from Joe and a beautiful downtown shot from Kieron put Bec 2 up with 2 mins to go. Bec kept their heads until the final whistle and secured a 24-22 victory!

Joe top scored with 6, Blake got 4 and Dav came off the bench to also get 4. The new players certainly made their mark. It really was an immense team effort all round with the whole squad contributing to the victory. It was an impressive display for Bec who still have areas to improve upon and will only get stronger from here!

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