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Bec are Christmas Number One!

Bec 1 look strong going into the New Year as the only National League team to win all of their games. This week they took on Bearsted.

Starting attack: Kieron, Blake, Amie, Heather Starting defence: Dav (C), Billy, Helen, Jo-Anne Subs: Andrew, Chloe, Jess (& Joe supporting)

After peeling off their hats, gloves and coats Bec jumped straight into the game. Goals came from all over the pitch, with Amie and Heather running rings round their girls and Davesh and Billy effortlessly creating chances. Under incredible amounts of pressure from our boys, Bearsted made a number of goals from long distance, but couldn’t keep up and Bec 1 steamed into the lead. Amazingly, overall in the match 61 goals were scored, over 1 per minute!

Scores on the doors: Bec 41 - Bearsted 20

Dav - 10 (inc. 4 pens) Jo - 5 Helen - 2 Heather - 4 Billy - 4 Blake - 8 (inc. 1 pen) Amy - 3 Kieron - 3 Jess - 2 (inc. 1 pen)

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a well earned rest!

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