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A Mid-Week Bec Clash

A usual training night at Graveney turned into a Bec 4 vs Bec 3 Clash with Coach Ironmonger rooting for the 3rds and Coach Swain wanting the 4ths to get a win. The 4ths started with Luke, Josh, Carla and Jasmine in first attack who were up agaisnt Mark, Dan, Michelle and Jess from the 3rds. Defending for the 4ths were John, Lennie, Ceri and Jennie with Irfan, Jack, Kim and Anshul attacking.

The game started with Michelle showing girl power from the off by getting two goals within the first 10 minutes putting the 3rds in the lead. Irfan and Jack increased this lead by getting a further two goals giving them a 4-0 lead. Great divison work allowed the 4th team to get their first goal with John Lyons getting a drop off. The rest of the first half consisted of the 3rd team showing their experience by putting away another 3 goals, with a first from Mark and second for both Jack and Irfan. The half time score was 1-7.

After a half time team talk the 4ths were able to get the first goal – a downtown goal from Ceri. The 3rds moved the ball well and created lots of opportunities meaning they could continue to add goals to their tally with goals coming from Kim, Jess, Irfan, Mark, Dan and Annie.

With a time out called, Coach Swain told the 4ths that their strength was their movement and speed and to use this as a positive by playing dymanic korf. The last 10 minutes of the game was dominated by the 4th team with 5 goals back to back. The first coming from Luke, then another 2 from John Lyons. With both divisons now taking their shots, Jasmine surprised herself by getting on the score sheet. The final goal of the game was in the dying seconds and came from the youngest player on the pitch Lennie – it was an absolute crowd pleaser partically for his parents who came to watch.

The game finished 7-13 to Bec 3.

Overall, a strong perfomance from both teams with both coaches very pleased and ready for the coming games in the season.


Bec 3

Irfan (3)

Mark (2)

Dan (1)

Jack (2)

Kim (1)

Jess (1)

Annie (1)

Michelle (2)

Bec 4

Lennie (1)

John (3)

Luke (1)

Jasmine (1)



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