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Bec 1 march on...

After a strong start to 2018, backed up by a very impressive unbeaten run, Bec 1 looked to score another big win at the weekend. The opponents this week were a Nomads side who have proved tricky to beat this season.

Bec can our flying and quickly went into an 8-0 lead. Nomads rebound defence style did little to disrupt Bec’s play. Some accurate shooting from Heather and Kenzie got them on the scoresheet early, whilst Dav and Blake combined beautifully to keep the goals coming. Joe and Kieron showed their dominance as a partnership, with Helen and Amy demonstrating their attacking flair. The first half wasn’t all about attack though, as a brilliant team defensive performance kept Nomads down to just 2 goals in the first half.

The second half continued very much like the first. There were periods where the goals weren’t so free flowing but Bec’s victory was never in doubt. Blake, joe and Dav maintained their accuracy and the goals kept coming from the girls. A couple of substitutions saw Jo-Anne and Ana enter the game. The squad continued to combine well and show why they were top of the league. A couple of ‘unorthodox’ shots from Kieron kept the supporters entertained before he landed one from distance. Overall, a really impressive performance from the unbeaten side. Goals came from everyone and some stunning Korfball was played at times. Roll on the mighty Bec!

Final score: 26-10

Shout out to Caitlin for being the undisputed best shot clocker in World Korfball (Yes she does love herself)


Dav (6)

Joe (6)

Blake (4)

Kieron (1)

Amie (1)

Helen (1)

Kenzie (2)

Heather (5)

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