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Supernova 3. 12-6 BEC 4.

The little horse of BEC 4 had strong hopes of gaining their first win of the season! Sadly these hopes were denied by bad luck and good finishing in South East London!

With new signings Maggie and Nomi making their Bec debuts in first defence alongside super sonic Irfan and Luke (I hardly touched him) Barrett. First attack being the brilliantly named division of Jennie, Ceri, Lennie and Jonny....

Sadly Bec were in a black hole because of Supernova’s bright start as they raced into a 6 goal lead. After a slow start Bec started to worry their hosts with some dubiously disallowed goals. After a Coach Carter like speech from Coach Swain,BEC 4 went onto score 6 second half goals with a running in shot and a super long shot 2 for Ceri after an interception from Irfan, the other 4 were scored by Jon Lyons.Despite defeat Bec can take much solace from being the better team in the second half and two new Becstars making their debuts!

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