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Tricky Tornadoes blown away!

Bec 1 headed down to Kent for an early start against an in-form Tornadoes team. Even though both teams have qualified for the Grand Finals, this match was certainly not going to be a quiet affair.

Following intel acquired by our tactical team during the week, the squad were prepared to play against the Korfball game killer that is ‘Rebound Defence’. Combined with the infamous Aylesford Dustbowl/Ice rink surface, this game was going to be tricky.

Bec didn’t get a chance to get into the game as Tornadoes shot well to go 2-0. This, however, was the first and last time they were in the lead. Bec were quick to respond with goals from Andy and Blake, with Amy and Joe soon adding to the tally. Tornadoes were playing well and Bec weren’t quite able to pull away. Some disciplined play from Bec kept the goals ticking over as our superior rebounding power helped keep Tornadoes defensive tactics at bay. A long shot from Heather and a penalty from Kieron kept the Bec goals coming. The game remained tense though as Bec went into half time with a narrow 3 goal lead.

Bec started the second half strongly with a crucial goal from Blake opening up a 4 goal advantage. Heather sunk a free pass before having to come off after tweaking her ankle on the icy floor. Kenzie came on and had a great impact at the post, using her height to free up the boys for their long shots. Joe and Blake were on usual firing form sinking their shots from long. Solid work at the post from Andy and Caitlin kept the goals coming for Bec. Bec worked well into the end of the game, opening up at 6 goal lead that Tornadoes never looked liked closing.

Overall, Bec did well in tough conditions against some tricky defensive tactics. A final goal tally of 27 was a good result and Bec will look to build on this into the lead up to playoffs.

Final score 27-21 Also, shout out to Ana for nailing all 3 of her free passes 💪🏻

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